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3 Nov 2017

About three weeks ago, I decided it was a good idea for me to have a piano lesson once again - for the first time in five years. I arranged for a lesson with one of my old coaches, Han-Louis Meijer, prepared for it, and when the big day came, I went to the Hague gettin...

9 Oct 2017

Oh, piano, oh piano! Whyfor dost thou crackle so?

Your ivories immaculate – yet sounds no longer accurate.

Your a’ a mighty bang when it is pressed

Even with a touch most delicate.

‘Tis but thy sound that is my enemy,

Which is musical cause for enmity.

What’s music? It is no...

8 Oct 2017

On Saturday, Performance Day dawned.

Our schedule for this day was pretty well thought out. We’d determined that all of us needed solo practice, that James and myself needed to go through a few bits with just the two of us, and that we’d need to do several more run-thro...

6 Oct 2017

It was 15:45 on Thursday the 15th of September.

Miranda took the helm. Since all of us were pretending very hard not to be stressed, she took the time to very calmly tell us what she wanted with the piece, and how she wanted it. Basically, we were going to work through...

5 Oct 2017

About a month ago, I received an e-mail from Lila Palmer. She was looking for a pianist between 28 and 35 years of age, in possession of “serious classical chops” (direct quote) and who didn’t mind acting a bit funny on stage.

The reason she was looking for one such is...

22 Aug 2017

This summer, I've managed to scratch another continent off my bucket list - I've been to Asia for the very first time! 

More specifically, to Thailand, where I've skedaddled about happily for four entire weeks. 

There's one problem with Thailand, though... because despit...

23 Jun 2017

A few weeks ago, I conspired once more with choir director Stephanie Beekmans to put together the end-of-year presentation with Trias' "Van Bach tot Beatles" choir. 

As usual, it was great fun. There was gospel singing, lots of Mozart (including a transposed version of...

9 Jun 2017

So Emma and I were rehearsing for one of our Grieg performances, and during rehearsal she received an email. 

Apparenlty, she had signed up to audition for a place in an opera company, and they'd invited her to come the very next Sunday. Also, they asked her to bring a...

22 May 2017

Four years ago, Emma chose a rather auspicious day to come and visit me in Oslo; her flight arrived on the seventeenth of May - or rather, Norwegian Constitution day.

This of course meant that, as soon as she arrived, she and I were towed along to watch the parade with...

15 May 2017

I'm currently living in the northernmost part of Rotterdam. It's a pretty quiet area (excepting the highway), with a lot of parks, schools and senior citizen homes. 

A few weeks ago, as I was meandering through Rotterdam in search of random pianos to play, I thought to...

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