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19 Nov 2014

I think I was seven when I got my first library card - old enough (at least in my opinion) to start reading "real books" (those being the ones that don't consist mainly of pictures). The first aforementioned real book I read was C.S. Lewis' "The Silver Chair" - in Dutc...

4 Oct 2014

It has been hinted at already, in the cheerful little “next performance” box on the right-hand side of my home page – a concert will be given in De Regentenkamer, The Hague, on Sunday the 12th of October 2014.


And not just any concert.


A concert featuring the works of...

26 Sep 2014

It is now both officially and meteorologically autumn, and so I can say with one hundred percent accuracy that the new rehearsal season has started.


Cue the head cold.


But of course.


Anyway. New rehearsal season! Most prominently, rehearsals with no less than three fab...

12 Jun 2014

I met Emma Brown in the first year of my Bachelor's degree in The Hague. I needed a singer to work with for my duo class, so essentially what happened is that I ambushed her in the canteen one afternoon and demanded she work with me.


Miraculously, she agreed. Our very...

16 Mar 2014

It was supposed to be a relatively "easy" performance.


I've known Florence Rapati, the Artistic Director and creator of Flow Performing Arts, for quite some time. Therefore, although we hadn't really worked together as performers before this point, when she asked me to...

28 Apr 2013

It's quite an interesting experience to see a newspaper article about yourself that you can't read.  


However, I know what it says (or rather, what it's supposed to say), so understanding it is less of an issue.


The violinist Elisabeth St-Cyr, who is as brilliant as sh...

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