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21 Jan 2015

 In August this year I made my very own Demo CD, and called it Bits and Pieces.


Last month, my darling elder brother called me and told me to have a look at a website he'd found. I have to admit, it took some persuading... but I signed up, and have allowed "them" to di...

21 Jan 2015

 So here it is - the third and final movement of Mon Livre Rouge!


Since this week all the video edits of Mon Livre Rouge are up for the close scrutiny of... well, anyone, really!


The solo piano piece, composed by Jannum Kruidhof, was finished in October 2014 and record...

7 Dec 2014

I got the audio file of this recording last week. The video followed this weekend. And I have to say, I'm pretty stunned.


I mean, it's something knowing that you're working with professionals, and that the product that's going to come out is going to be something worth...

31 Oct 2014

A proper recording of a new piece is always something very desirable. Therefore Jannum, the composer and instigator of Walking the Wire, and I figured that since I knew “Mon Livre Rouge” anyway, we might as well try and put together a fancy recording at The Hague Conse...

27 Aug 2014

It was about half a year ago that I really realized that the most recent audio recording I had of myself was from 2011; almost three years old.


At that time, I had already been toying around with the idea of having a website. However, if I were to get a website, I'd ha...

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