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Isoldens Liebestod

The tragic final aria of Isolde from Wagner's famous opera, as transcribed by Liszt. Recorded 05/06/2012 at NMH, Oslo

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Gaspard: A Dance Performance

A sneak preview at the modern dance choreography created with Thami J. Fischer to Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit. Recorded 24/02/2013 at NMH, Oslo

Metamorphosis & Silence Duet

Part of the performance given by Flow Performing Arts to support the project "The Hague Dances Through Time". Recorded 16/11/2014 at The Hague Central Library

"Wie die Zeit läuft!"

Mendelssohn's rendition of time ticking away, written in 1847. Recorded 16/11/2014 at The Hague Central Library

Points of View

The premiere performance of "Points of View" by Jannum Kruidhof, written in 2014. Recorded 12/10/2014 at the Regentenkamer, The Hague

Mon Livre Rouge - part 1

The first movement of Jannum Kruidhof's "Mon Livre Rouge", written in 2014. Recorded 30/10/2014 at the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague

Grieg Competition 2016

A pre-qualification video for the Grieg Pianocompetition of 2016. Recorded 29/04/2016 in Leiden

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