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Off to Finland - Concert in Kangasniemi

It's quite an interesting experience to see a newspaper article about yourself that you can't read.

However, I know what it says (or rather, what it's supposed to say), so understanding it is less of an issue.

The violinist Elisabeth St-Cyr, who is as brilliant as she is beautiful, arranged for a concert in Kangasniemi, Finland, and since I was her full-time accompanist at the time, I rather predictably accompanied her.

Our programme consisted of French and French-Canadian repertoire from a similar time period, which, considering Canada isn't all that old compared to, say, France, resulted in rather a lot of fairly modern repertoire.

Suffice it to say I did a lot of counting.

It was an awful lot of fun. We played for a relatively inexperienced audience, so it was quite a bit of work to get them really invested in our music, but judging from the response we got afterwards we did very much all right.

Moreover, apparently there have been enquiries lately as to when we're coming back, so there might be a reprise coming sometime in the next few months..!

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