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Demo Track 4 - Grieg

Grieg's Lyric Pieces are perhaps his most well-known.

He's written ten books of them, 66 in total, the great majority of them following the popular style of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century: short, not too complicated character pieces, mostly following an ABA form.

He wrote them throughout his entire composing career - so often, that he once put in a letter (to his friend Julius Röntgen) "I have been lyric once again. Can't you please cure me of this affliction?"

This particular piece is opus 71 no. 1 - the first piece of the last book - and is called "Det var Engang" in Norwegian; "Once upon a time" in English.

It too follows an ABA form; the first melody, based on a Swedish folk song, is melancholy, almost plaintive, the second part is quite happy in contrast - a Norwegian dance melody - which makes the return of the first part almost eerie in the end.

This particular version was recorded the 27th of August 2014 at Artichoque Recording.

#video #grieg #piano #lyricpieces

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