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Demo Track 3 - Fauré

Fauré was one of the foremost French composers of his generation. He was actually recognized as such within France at the time, but not so much outside it (except for in the UK), which is pretty notable - it tends to be the other way around!

Since, when he was born in 1845, Chopin was still composing and, when he passed away in 1924, the atonal and jazz eras had started, he's often been described as "linking the end of the Romantic era to the beginning of Modernism". His thirteen nocturnes are an excellent example for that, since they were written throughout his entire career.

The one I've chosen to record is Nocturne opus 84 number 8. It's actually part of a different cycle, since opus 84 in its entirety is called "Huit Pièces Brèves" - in fact, it was never supposed to be called "nocturne" at all!

When the cycle was first printed in 1902 the pieces were only identified by their opus number and the key in which they were played. In a later edition, however, the titles were added (something Fauré was actually furious about) and they're now pretty much inseperable, to the point that you'll find the opus 84 "nocturne" added to an edition of Fauré's "real" nocturnes.

Real or not, the piece is beautifully intricate - in my opinion it's one of the best auditory examples of impressionism.

#video #fauré #nocturne #piano

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