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Bits and Pieces - Demo CD

Thirteen pieces were recorded, mixes were made, and as previously stated, the 28th of August 2014 I drove home more tired than I can remember being but with a freshly burned CD of me in my handbag.

It didn't quite look the "culmination of several month's worth of effort" part, though.

Which, rather unsusprisingly, annoyed me beyond measure.

And so, when I woke up Saturday the 30th (Friday having been unanimously voted (by me) as "special extra weekend day") I resolved to do something about that.

However, Photoshop has revealed itself to be a rather tricksy mistress; it took two days to end up with a result that was anywhere near satisfactory. Although the print shop was worse. Not for its printing qualities or customer service, which were quite sterling considering the amount of time I nagged at its harried staff - no, for what I've since termed "the misterious disappearance of the four millimeters".

As it turns out, if you print something directly from a JPG file, it rescales a teeny tiny little bit - not enough to be very noticable, but quite distressingly there if you are, for instance, cutting 300-grams paper to a size that is supposed to fit the front of a CD jewelcase.

You live, you learn.

In any case, the design was made, the paper was cut, labels were printed and stuck to CD's and jewelcases were meticulously filled.

I am now the proud owner of almost two dozen of my very own Demo CD's.

Please contact me if you'd like to have one. They're ten euros each.

#demo #cd #audio #piano

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