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Performance in De Regentenkamer

It has been hinted at already, in the cheerful little “next performance” box on the right-hand side of my home page – a concert will be given in De Regentenkamer, The Hague, on Sunday the 12th of October 2014.

And not just any concert.

A concert featuring the works of composer Jannum Kruidhof and his “Artist Collective” – the bunch of brilliant people he’s convinced to play his music – plus Yours Truly.

I myself will be featuring in a rendition of “Points of View”, a funky, jazzy piece written for string quartet and harp to be performed by string quintet and piano, because we’re nothing if not contrary.

Rehearsals for this piece, by the bye, are already happily underway – I’ve spent two evenings at the Royal Conservatoire this week, which felt really, really weird. I’ve been part of that institution for twelve years, after which I left the country for three – walking in again on a semi-regular basis made me feel both really young and really old!

There will also be solo piano, in the form of “Mon Livre Rouge”, a piece whose final two movements have been finished yesterday. Whether I will perform the entire thing or just the first movement will mainly be determined by how much sleep I’m willing to skip this week – but I have to admit, to premiere a week-old piece is a pretty awesome thing to do...

For the Dutch people amongst you, the composer’s own commentary on the piece being finished can be read here. For the record, I am sharing this as often as possible – it’s not as often I get called “a fantastic pianist” in print!

And now for the Really Important Information:

A concert of “Walking the Wire”, in cooperation with Flow Performing arts and myself -

Sunday 12th of October, 16:00

De Regentenkamer

Cort Heyligersstraat 4, 2518 PD Den Haag

Tickets: € 10,- (€ 5,- for students)

The official Facebook Event can be joined here:

Come one, come all!

#performance #live #piano #walkingthewire

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