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Metamorphosis II and the Silence Duet

So, Philip Glass. Not exactly a challenge for any pianist, but made very interesting indeed by the choreography made to it - it's always wonderful to work with dancers.

"Solo Piano" (1989) is an album of piano music composed by Philip Glass. It was produced by Kurt Munkacsi. The title of five of the seven tracks, "Metamorphosis", refers to and was inspired by the 1915 short story "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka.

The silence duet is, at least for the pianist, to be compared to John Cage's 4'33. The trick is to sit still - which, believe me, is pretty hard when beautiful dancers are doing interesting things right next to you!

The choreography to "Metamorphosis Two" was created by Dutch choreographer Irene van Zeeland.

The Silence Duet is choreographed by Dutch dancers Florence Rapati and Thami Joe Fischer.


Florence Rapati (dance)

Jelle van Vlierberghe (dance)

Thami Joe Fischer (dance)

Isolde Troost (piano)

Performed 16-11-2014 at the Central Library, The Hague

#video #live #piano #dance

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