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Performance at The Hague Central Library

I think I was seven when I got my first library card - old enough (at least in my opinion) to start reading "real books" (those being the ones that don't consist mainly of pictures). The first aforementioned real book I read was C.S. Lewis' "The Silver Chair" - in Dutch, obviously, and retrospectively with rather big letters, but I still remember getting it (and promptly going out to loan four more books, getting quite upset when I found out that was the limit, never mind I couldn't carry them all).

My point is, I love libraries.

Especially The Hague Central Library. I spent quite some time there when I was doing my Bachelor's at the Royal Conservatoire, because as it turns out, the Central Library's music library is rather decidedly bigger than the Conservatoire's.

I however did not know it also had a stage. I'd spotted a grand piano hiding in a corner once or twice, but I never realized there was a quite lovely Schiller lurking right around the next corner - something I only found out about when I approached the remarkable Anja Schulze about doing an awareness concert for Art Generation's project "The Hague Dances Through Time".

Reason I was doing that in the first place is Florence Rapati, the beautiful artistic leader of Flow Performing Arts, who at first single-handedly and later on with a team of like-minded stage lions started bringing cultural education to The Hague. Her project is certainly worthy of time, attention and a boost, and thus I came up with the idea to do some boosting in The Hague Central Library.

Cue a conversation with Anja, some schedule-juggling and the dragging in of two more dancers - Jelle van Vlierberghe and Thami Joe Fisher - and we had ourselves a performance last Sunday.

I played, they danced, we talked, and afterwards we found ourselves boosted and of the conviction to do that again soon, please!

Two videos of the performance have been uploaded to Youtube (check them out here and here) and will likely be plastered all over Facebook soon, as will updates on more crowdfunding stunts.

Speaking of which - if any of you feel the urgency to help with the boosting thing - make a donation and click on the green button after following this link!

#piano #dance #live #performance

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