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Mon Livre Rouge - First Movement Online

I got the audio file of this recording last week. The video followed this weekend. And I have to say, I'm pretty stunned.

I mean, it's something knowing that you're working with professionals, and that the product that's going to come out is going to be something worth showing.

But it's something else to actually see it.

So yeah, pretty pleased with myself right now.

Since I've already told you lot all about the actual recording day, I'll now regale you with the story of me meeting Jannum, because that's a reasonable anecdote.

It also starts with Florence Rapati, Dancer Extraordinaire, because honestly, doesn't everything?


Flo, or rather Flow Performing Arts, was doing a performance at the SummerTime festival last August and I was quite rushed to get there in time because I'd just been to Rotterdam because my sister-in-law had done something réally interesting with her hand which resulted in me réally wanting to go over there to make sure she was okay but I only left Leiden at eleven and I had to be back in The Hague at three.

In short, my state was pretty breathless (rather like one would be after trying to read the previous paragraph out loud and as fast as possible), but still I managed to snag a good spot to watch.

As it turned out, the music to which Flow Performing Arts performed was Jannum's. It was catchy, I liked it, and he was selling CD's afterwards, so I went up to him and struck up a conversation.

It eventually became clear that I was in fact also a musician (because honestly, that's not something you lead with), and when it turned out I was a pianist, he suggested he might introduce me to Flo, because she possibly needed a pianist for a project she might be doing with Herman van Veen soonish.

Hilarity ensued.

In any case, I told him that if he needed a pianist he ought to contact me - and to my not inconsiderable amazement, three days later he actually did.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Pretty good anecdote, no?

But back to the story at hand - Mon Livre Rouge, First Movement... and the second and third have been recorded, too.

They will be following.

Stay tuned.

#walkingthewire #piano #recording

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