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Points of View by Jannum Kruidhof - it's on YouTube!

It's been a while since this concert.

It doesn't make it any less awesome.

To be honest, when I first got the score - about two weeks before concert - I did a bit of a deer-in-headlights impression when looking at the rythms, because as catchy as it sounds, the first time you look at it it's gibberish. At least, if your sightreading skills are equal to mine.

Then I girded up my loins, so to speak (although I'm not entirely certain a woman's supposed to do that. Pretty sure the phrase originates from the ancient Near East. Were there any women fighting the Philistines? I'm going to have to find a historian to ask that, aren't I...), fetched my metronome, figured it out and was hooked.

Seriously, it's catchy, even in rehearsal. Not many pieces that manage that.

Also, fun fact - there's this bit of piano solo which sort of turned half into improvisation, and the header with that said "Scat along".

I pointed this out to Jannum during the very first rehearsal, and then proceeded to point out to him the rather obvious practical complications this header brought (I believe my exact words were "Not bloody likely").

To which he laughed and said he'd kind of expected that.

Seriously. Points to a composer who reacts like that.

So yeah, Walking the Wire is awesome! And everybody reading this should go and follow them on Facebook, because of reasons. Cool concerts being the first of those.

Also, Thami's hat is once again gracing my head with its presence. Have I mentioned he's never getting it back? I think so.

#walkingthewire #violin #liveperformance #piano #premiere

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