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Oh, the Drama!

I like to consider myself reasonably graceful. I mean, nothing spectacular, but things like working in a pub for a year and only breaking two glasses, being able to walk reasonable distances on four-inch heels (not stilletos, though, but honestly, sod that), and having done at least sóme ballet as a kid.

It's been nearly a decade since I last fell down the stairs, for instance. And yes, I'm well aware this is tempting fate.

Anyway. Reasonably graceful.

As it turns out, "taking a flying leap off one's bicycle in the middle of the night in order to avoid collision with an oncoming car" does nót qualify as "reasonably graceful". Since I now have some rather unfortunate hands-on experience in this matter, I myself would rank it under "tier three black belt mad ninja skillz".

Don't misunderstand me, it's not that the execution of the leap itself qualifies as mad ninja skillz. It's not breaking one's fall with one's forehead directly thereafter that earns you the brownie points.

But I fear my point may have become mildly convoluted.

So here the story, in chronological order.

Last Monday night, after an evening of making merry with ms. Emma Brown, I was cycling home without a care in the world. In order to get to my current place of residence, I have to cross a bridge; quaint, made of metal, and especially very much covered with grit instead of tiles (because of the metal, I expect).

As I turned onto this bridge, an Audi of unconfirmed colour (Blue? Green? Dark, in any case) drove towards me. When aforementioned Audi was scant feet away from me, I quite suddenly realized that it wasn't simply driving, it was in fact speeding and I really ought to get out of the way now.

My verbal response to this is not suitable for print. My physical reaction was to steer sharply to the right (which, in this particular case, meant "away from the car and onto the sidewalk").

However, as I have mentioned before, the bridge on which this occurence took place is made of metal. Therefore, the sidewalks are 1. quite high, 2. quite sharp, 3. pretty unwieldy and 4. altogether unsuitable for quick evasion maneuvers.

After which the aforementioned ninja leap happened.

So yes, I broke my fall with my face - mild concussion and black eye, although I must say I'm a bit disappointed with the black eye; I've never had one, and I expected it to go all purple-green and dramatic. Instead, it was a bit swollen, has now gone back to its normal size and is a mildly off-putting shade of yellow. Ah, well.


I also sprained my left thumb.

I sprained my thumb.


So yeah, as the photo suggests, I'm practising Mozart, because the doctor said I wasn't allowed to do anything complicated and I couldn't think of anything less so other than Schumann's Album für die Jugend.

According to aforementioned doctor, thumb should be back to normal in a month.

But then, she also told me my eye would go black and blue, so I'll believe thát when I see it.

In any case, this little escapade will be very good for my mental practicing.

In other unrelated news, if anyone has some other suggestions with regards to repertoire, or knows someone with a blue/green Audi who might be my mysterious speeder (although if we believe in Karma, a treebranch has already fallen on it whilst parked), or has anything else noteworthy tho share... let me know!

#sadthumb #mozart #bicycle #mentalpractice

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