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Bits and Pieces is on Spotify!

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In August this year I made my very own Demo CD, and called it Bits and Pieces.

Last month, my darling elder brother called me and told me to have a look at a website he'd found. I have to admit, it took some persuading... but I signed up, and have allowed "them" to distribute my CD all over the interwebs.

Or in other words, Bits and Pieces is now available to listen to on Spotify - as shown by the picture above - and available for download on Itunes, Deezer, Amazon MP3 and Google Play!!

I've had almost a week to get used to it, and I still giggle when I search for myself in Spotify and get results. Seriously. It's weird.

Anyway! I really did specify all the composers with the tracks, but that seems to have got somewhat lost in translation, so in order to avoid confusion I hereby provide the playlist shown above with the actual composers added to it.

1. 32 Variations in C Minor; L. v. Beethoven

2. Ballade in G-moll; F. Chopin

3. Nocturne no. 8, op. 84; G. Fauré

4. Etude Tableaux no. 4, op. 33; S. Rachmaninoff

5. Etude op 25 no. 1; F. Chopin

6. "Det var engang", lyric piece op. 71 no. 1; E. Grieg

7. "Gade", lyric piece op. 57 no. 2; E. Grieg

8. "Je te veux"; E. Satie

The most observant of you all may have noted that not all the pieces from the original "Bits and Pieces" tracklist have been published in this manner. My first reaction to that would be to take my hat off for noticing; the explanation is that the others I've already put on YouTube and are therefore available to listen to anyway.

Do you still want a hard copy? Don't fret! Send me an email, and I'll send one to you!

Really want to download it but don't want to scroll back up for a link? Don't worry! Here's another one!

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