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Mon Livre Rouge - it's all on YouTube!

So here it is - the third and final movement of Mon Livre Rouge!

Since this week all the video edits of Mon Livre Rouge are up for the close scrutiny of... well, anyone, really!

The solo piano piece, composed by Jannum Kruidhof, was finished in October 2014 and recorded in the very same month.

The artists responsible for making it happen are of course the aforementioned composer, plus the incomparable sound engineer Sara Theofilova, aided and abetted by fabulous cameraman Jelmer Zorn, and myself, gleefully tickling the Schönberzaal's Steinway D.

The story of the actual recording day you can find in my blog of the day - a link added for your convenience here.

For further comfort, and because it looks pretty, I've added the other two movements to this post as well.

Mon Livre Rouge (2014), Movement I

Mon Livre Rouge (2014), Movement II

As to my personal feelings with regards to this - I am both very smug and very proud, which is something I haven't felt in a while because I have been practising far too much Mozart, which I'm sure we'll all agree is very painful to the brain, not to mention one's sense of self-worth...

#recording #piano #video #walkingthewire

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