"De Tijdgeest" -- upcoming performance

April 7, 2015

Roughly around 2012, ballerina Florence Rapati decided that children in the greater The Hague area didn’t know enough about ballet.

Now, the Art Generation foundation is about to finish up its second run of “The Hague Dances through Time”, a project aimed at aforementioned children, and especially developed to teach them the progression and development of dance.

It’s really an awesome project. The kids get dance history lessons – so think of baroque dance, why and how it was performed, but also of hip-hop and breakdance, and how street styles developed. Then, they have to do it themselves in the workshops they get offered – and the most dedicated of the kids are invited to dance along in the final performance called “De Tijdgeest”, a show starting off in the sixteen hundreds and finishing in the present time.


This year’s “Tijdgeest” is coming up really fast – it’ll all be happening next Thursday, in Theater de Regentes in The Hague.

The show will start at 14:00 with a general rehearsal open to public. The actual performance, besides being awesome, will be at 16:00, and it’s “pay what you think it’s worth”, so you’re only supposed to pull your wallet at the end of the show.


Here you will find the link to the performance as advertised by The Regentes.

Here you will find the link to the Facebook event.


Come one, come all!



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