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TRUE FUSION - premiering 10th of May

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So last year, Pallas, Florence, Thami and myself did a performance at The Hungry Mind, which was a lot of fun.

It was so much fun, in fact, that we had this idea to do it again.

And then I had lunch with Pallas, and we started youtubing progressive rock videos, and one thing led to another and basically, the above is the result.

It's going to be awesome. Seriously. We're in the middle of rehearsals now and they're crazy. Of course, the pianos I get to play on tend to be one stroke above firewood, but it's still better than clapping and singing along and honestly, if the pianist had nothing to complain about the universe would probably implode.

Also, I get to play Chopin's First Ballad again!!

Honestly, I'm probably a little bit too excited about that. I was practicing it two weeks ago, then suddenly I remembered something Einar told me in one of my first lessons on the piece (which was about three years ago), something went "click" inside my brain, and suddenly the world made sense.

Of course, at that point I just hád to call somebody to share this epiphany with. This turned out to be interesting, because I don't have many pianists on speed-dial at present, so the person I actually spoke to seemed a little puzzled at my boundless and seemingly completely random enthusiasm.

I would like to state for the record that the rant I then proceeded to give about piano technique was really really interesting.

Godowski, meanwhile, is a tricksy mistress. The tempo seems to sneakily change on you whenever you turn around. I had figured out this really clever way of keeping the tempo as low as possible by playing out different voices, but the problem with thát is that when you have practiced this very well and the room you play in basically has the acoustics of a matchbox, you still end up playing fast.

But I'll wear it down eventually.

You'll see.

Anyway, first performances are the 10th of May, and more news will follow shortly!

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