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True Fusion - Mother's Day Concerts!


I had such a sweet little piano.

No, seriously. Pretty good sound, no major issues with the mechanics, a little interesting intonation-wise (I spent a few hours bashing a needle into the felt of the hammers, which actually really helped) and all-round reasonably decent to play on.

But the pedal.

Oh, the pedal.

It creaked every single time I pressed it. And I really tried to fix it. I mean, I couldn't open up the piano because I didn't know how, but I thought perhaps there'd be a sweet spot where if I did it just right you wouldn't notice. I tried with heels. I tried with flat shoes. I tried with bare feet.

It creaked.

And that was kind of that for pianistic subtlety.

Anyway! Two mother's days concerts were performed last Sunday, and it's really been a while since I've performed twice in one day. I actually took a nap on stage in between them. I must be going soft.

Other than myself and my creaky piano, there were dancers of all shapes and sizes, performing anything from modern to show to classical en pointe, and it was very fabulous indeed. Also, a band with an interchangeable bass player (because there were two!), poetry and a lot of eye make-up. First performance was a full house, and the second was close to it - so all hail Pallas' fabulous Marketing And Concert Organizing Skills!

But was this the end, you ask?

Oh no! We shall return to the stage in two weeks! Location shall be Amsterdam, lunchroom Bel Campo, in the public library building. More info on ticket price, time and exact address will follow shortly.

Also, this time I'll make absolutely certain I won't have a creaky pedal.

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