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Oh, Canadaa...

In about 24 hours I'll be aboard my third transcontinental flight.

I am a little bit excited.

As the title has already subtly hinted at, I shall be zooming off to Canada; first and foremost to be at the wedding of Elisabeth StCyr, Violinist Extraordinaire, and then to traipse around Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and I believe some woods somewhere at some point. It is going to be absolutely glorious.

Of course, you can never get away from practicing; I'll be bringing my Lyric Pieces, because I'll be playing some of those (especially the Wedding March, hur hur), and since I have a concert upcoming in September I might want to keep my repertoire in order...

Because ho yus, concert the 27th of September! There will be more details in a seperate post closer to the event, but it will definitely include an hour's worth of music, and probably also coffee and cake.

But where does that glorious picture of the Fazioli come from, you ask? I have made a habit out of practicing at the CKE in Eindhoven, and a few weeks ago they didn't have a room with a grand to spare.... so I had to practice in the concert hall.

I was very sad about that. No, really.

I had only been planning to do an hour or three that day. It turned into a gleeful five, and then I had to quit because the Grieg Ballade hurts no matter how good your piano is.

Also, I've found the most glorious virtuosic etudes ever - Nikolai Kapustin's Jazz etudes, and I really should go and put the score in my suitcase right now because I'm pretty sure it's still on my piano and I think I might cry if I forget it.

So yeah! If anyone wants to find me, I'll be in Canada for a month :D

A glorious summer to everybody, and expect pictures of wild Canadian grand pianos in a week or so...

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