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There and back again

It will please everybody, I'm sure, to know that I've gone to Canada and back, and am still in one piece.

In fact, I'm pretty much the same all round, except for the fact that I am (again) a year older (how is it that nobody's found a non-lethal cure for the common birthday?!) and have developed a new and slightly distressing tendency to put maple syrup on everything.

Also, you'll be pleased to know that the pianos in Canada are pretty much the same as the ones in Europe, except for one rather notable exception.

I have never encountered a full-fledged concert Steinway D in a very beautiful but otherwise perfectly normal-looking church.

Allow me to elaborate.

As has been established before, I went to Canada partially to be bridesmaid to violinist Elisabeth St-Cyr, and when she found out there'd be a piano in the church where the ceremony would be held she asked me to play in it.

As it turns out, in this same church chamber music competitions and other musical events are held, and as such it has a rather marvellous instrument occupying the bit next to the altar.

I was very pleasantly surprised.

In other news, it's few times that the Grieg wedding march been so appropriate outside Trolldhaugen, I think.

The rest of Canada is also home to a great number of pianos, but the majority of the ones I encountered were in musea and as such off limits for a lowly pianist such as myself.

Thus, at the end of the trip I was two weeks out of practice and decidedly twitchy.

Since it's already been a few weeks, I'm happy to report I've since recovered and am back to my usual schedule of "what are you thinking, woman", about which more will follow shortly!

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