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The Regent's Chamber Concert

So I guess I'm a circus miracle.

It became rather painfully clear that my sad, sharkbitten finger wouldn't be healed enough to play on the Wednesday before the concert.

My nerves were already slightly frazzled by this time.

Completely rewriting an hour's worth of left-hand fingerings didn't really help matters.

But everything worked out in the end. I played five out of the six planned etudes - I skipped a Liszt, because I had two anyway, and substituted it for more Grieg because I always find that very satisfactory.

I did play most of the second half off the score.

And honestly, I really should've done that with everything.

You see, when you change fingerings in several large chords that you play in fairly rapid succession, like for instance in the Grieg ballad, it turns out that you're far more likely to reliably remember what you changed if you actually have the score in front of you.

Who would've guessed!

Other than that, the afternoon was a resounding success. The hall was full, the audience was wonderful, there was drinks to be had both in the break and after the concert, and I had a very good understanding with the piano.

All in all, something I'd very much love to repeat...

And I will! It has been resolved that I shall fill the Regentenkamer with classical music again in February 2017.

I shall make certain not to touch any sharp objects a week in advance.

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