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Mon Livre Rouge on radio

About a month ago, Jannum called me. We had actually talked not that long ago, and we didn't really have anything planned - yet - so I kind of figured immediately that there was something going on.

We barely got past the "how are you"s when he asked if I knew "Het Klankcafé" in Amsterdam.

I didn't.

Their description of themselves on their website is that they're a quirky radio programme committed to presenting current classical music.

What that means in practice is that I'm going to play Mon Livre Rouge for the radio next Sunday.

We've already had a rehearsal on it yesterday, and I must admit I'd forgotten how much fun it is to work with a composer.

It's all the musical ideas. Suddenly, not only do you have to explain why you've interpreted, say, a legato line, in a certain way, but it's also your responsibility to come up with several other interpretations and present these to aforementioned composer, just to be sure that you're actually doing what he intended.

I have also, with full permission and malicious glee, scratched some notes. It was sixteen in total - three chords and an ornament, but that one got added in another place so it doesn't really count - and I am actually a little bit smug about it.

See, the chords in question were right after what I consider to be a very unfortunate jump. When the point came up for discussion, I explained why this jump was unfortunate and that it would probably sound better if the chord was one eight-note rather than two sixteenths. Jannum agreed with me, and the chords were stricken.

The reason I'm smug is that it felt like a sort of "up yours" for all the horrible spots in the other pieces I play, where I don't get to argue with the composer about it.

I guess it's the little things.

The show will be recorded this Sunday at 16:00 - and if you want to be there to see it, that's completely possible.

As you can see here, the doors open at 15:30, the adress is Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam - and the entry is free.

So if you've always wanted to be a studio audience, don't let this opportunity pass you by!

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