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On Power Flowers

Last Monday, the 27th of June, I was a Power Flower.

No, really.

At the music school where I teach, there is also an all-ladies choir called "van Bach tot Beatles". Last Christmas, they needed an accompanist, and since I finish teaching roughly at the time they start rehearsing, it made sense for me to take on that noble task.

Last week, it was their end-of-year concert, and I was once again invited to join their ranks.

We played Abba (hence the Power Flower thing).

I have not had this much fun in ages. Especially with the twiddly bit in "Mamma Mia". Yeah, that one.

But most importantly...

The 27th of June also happens to be my dad's birthday. And as a warming up, I asked the ladies to sing him a birthday song. They rose to the challenge vigorously, and the above photo is actually taken from the awesome video they made for him.

I could literally not stop grinning for an hour.

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