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January 8, 2017

As it turns out, the public piano in the Donner is not strictly for public use. There are regular events planned with it, and I have had the honour of being invited for one of them!


Acclaimed writer Marcel Möring has recently finished a new novel, “Eden”. The launch of his new book was to be held at the Donner, and I have provided the musical support for this event. I have to admit, it was the very first time I had a queue of people waiting to get their copy signed winding past my grand piano!


I was given free reign of what material I played, with only one request; mr. Möring really wanted to hear “Ick seg adieu”.


Honestly, I had never heard of it.


After a few minutes on Google, it turned out “Ick seg adieu” is a farewell song from the Antwerp Song Book written by Gherardus Mes in 1544.


There is no piano version… so I made one.


I based my version on the setting for four voices made by the composer, with some nice chord progressions and a few ornaments added as an introduction and a coda. It was the first time I arranged something like that in about seven years, and I’m happy to report all those music theory and harmony lessons seem to have stuck!


I played it several times during the evening; the piece matches very well with Bach’s first partita and the first few Haydn sonatas. When the queue for an autograph finally wound down, I thought it was all right for me to join it for a few minutes to put my master plan into motion.


You see, I thought it would be a good idea to give my arrangement to mr. Möring, since he specifically requested this song – this way, he might be able to listen to this version again or even learn to play it himself. But it would be a shame to let such an excellent bartering item go to waste…


It became quickly apparent that mr. Möring was in complete agreement with regards to my proposed trade: my score of “Ick seg adieu” for a signed copy of his new book.


According to the inscription, my playing is pearl-like.


It currently rests in the place of honour on my bookshelf.

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