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Valentine’s Surprise

For Valentine’s Day, I was invited to play at the Eikelenburg Crematorium. The staff there have made a habit out of hosting events during the more memory-laden days, such as Christmas, Valentines, Father’s Day and Mother’s day, to provide support for those who have lost the people who they would otherwise celebrate it with.

I always enjoy playing at these events; the concerts usually get very emotional, but in a very healthy way, and I think it’s great to be able to support people in this way.

But this Valentine’s day, I got a surprise of my own.

One of the ladies who had been listening to me during the evening suddenly disappeared, and then came back carrying a beautifully wrapped present. You can imagine my puzzlement when she gave it to me.

As it turns out, this lady goes around carrying a gift of Merci chocolates so she has something to give to someone to show her gratitude.

That has to be the kindest idea ever.

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