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Filming in Rotterdam, filming in Delft

About a year ago, Jannum Kruidhof wrote an epic ballad for me called "Daedalus and Icarus".

About a month ago, it had its stage premiere at the Haags Uit Festival concert.

Today, we recorded it in the Trinitaskapel in Dordrecht.

But - as I've mentioned in a previous post - The Awesome Choreographer Irene van Zeeland was at the library performance, and was Inspired...

So inspired, in fact, that she managed to get four fabulous dancers - Florence Rapati, Astrid van Stijn, Jelle Chin and Thami Fischer - to dance to a new choreography for both Daedalus and an earlier piece of Jannum's - "Mon Livre Rouge".

Last Sunday, I was at the last bit of the taping session. It was really cool - right in the middle of Rotterdam, surrounded by graffiti, plastic sheep and trains.

It was a bit surreal, actually, to be at the filming of the choreography for a piece I hadn't even actually recorded yet.

But that's been rectified today! We taped between 10:00 and 13:00, and honestly, I am quite satisfied.

And really really really curious how it's going to look with the awesome choreography...!

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